Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A Stay-at-Home Moms Guide to Not Going Crazy During Spring Break

Us at the 1/2 way point on the Manitou Incline
While I enjoy my children being home over break, as a mom of three between the ages of 7 and 11, I have to put a plan into action so that we all still like each other by the time it’s over. I am sure my children hear my two Spring Break mantras in their sleep:

“Do something active or creative. “

and …

“I am not in charge of your fun.”

Our family takes our vacations in the summer, so I have to get creative with making their time off both productive and fun. I’ve found that a routine keeps everyone in the rhythm of life and in better moods. For instance, the kids may get up an hour later, but still get ready for the day first thing.

Instead of parking themselves in front of the PS3 or television, I make them “earn” a bit of time doing these activities by doing some chores. I figure if they are going to be around more, thus creating more work, than they can help out. Doing some housework with a happy attitude gets them 30 minutes of free time.

We then move on to the general calendar that I have planned in advance. One of our family values is fitness, so I try to get a couple of hikes in, but if the weather doesn’t cooperate we might go ice or roller skating.Mercy and I on a hike on the Glen Eyrie
Campus I also plan a lunch or two out with friends as well as at least one play date for each child at our house and one at their friends’ for some variety. At night, I try to incorporate board games and an occasional movie or invite friends for dinner.

With these guidelines, I find that staying in town can be just as fun, less stressful and incredible memory makers. What’s better than that?

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