Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Bucket List of One, Rebecca Dunning

For weeks I’ve been thinking, “I need to update my bucket list.”  For one, I’ve done several things that were on the list and needed to “x” those mothers off, but I also couldn’t find my old list so have had to start from scratch.  I have also changed so much in the last couple of years that what used to be important to me has changed. So here I am … writing it down … again … because it’s fun.  I had a list for a husband (yes, I suppose I was that girl) and I got everyone of them (including shoe size lol) so I guess I’m a list maker. 
Me climbing Pikes Peak 2010
I also think it is so fun to see other people’s list, for instance skinny dipping, is something that seems so natural to me having been raised with bikers and hippies and being from Michigan (everyone does it) but it’s a big deal for someone who hasn’t experienced this rather “important” rite of passage.
The trail into Peru's Machu Picchu
So I’m sitting here with my friend Stef and we’re dreaming a bit and laughing even more as we talk about what we’ve done and want to do.  I’m also plotting on how I can help fulfill my husband’s life goals.  He loves insane things like bungee jumping and sky diving, so I’ve often given these things for gifts to try to put some X’s on his list. I hope it inspires you to think up a few things that you want to do as well. 
Here’s mine in no particular order:
X- Means Done!!!!!!
1.        Hot Air Balloon Ride- X
2.       Ride A Motor Cycle by myself (been on em’ with others more than I can count)
3.       Go snorkeling- X
4.       Go white water rafting
5.       Helicopter Ride- X
6.       Live without hot water or electricity for 10 days- X (Hills of Guatemala)
7.       Fly in a small plane and land in a field with no run way- X (Guat. again)
The Ruins of Pompeii, Italy
8.       Hike Arches National Park in Utah
9.       Publish a Children’s Book- X
10.   Publish a Fictional Novel and/or Series
11.   Publish my Memoir
12.   Explore Roman Ruins in Italy (Pompeii and more)
13.   Visit Africa
14.   Adopt two little boys from either Haiti or Africa
15.   Visit England, New Zealand, St. Lucia, Guatemala, Thailand, Mexico, Canada, India, Japan, Puerto Pico, and Scotland  - X
16.   Run a 10K Race- (have done it without official time chip)
17.   Run a ½ Marathon
18.   Run a Marathon
19.   Do the Ascent (run- 13 miles up Pikes Peak)
Barr Trail up Pikes Peak.

20.   Bring Zoe(11) to France (Louvre for sure)
21.   Bring Zeke(10) to Hawaii
22.   Visit Scottish Highlands
23.   Visit Ireland
24.   Climb into Machu Picchu
25.   Go on some type of a pilgrimage of a Celtic Variety
26.   Scuba Dive- X
27.   Introduce my children to my half siblings and step mother and visit my Father’s grave for the first time
28.   Learn the Guitar- In process
29.   Learn French (since my two oldest are fluent)
30.   Live in a Foreign Country (England will do)
31.   Be an instrumental force in ending human trafficking/restoration of victims
32.   Karaoke – X (hey big fear to overcome people)I got to scuba with my hubby in St. Lucia
33.   Climb a 14er- X (Have done 11 thus far)
34.   Be a guest on a popular talk show (Arrogant I know, but ya gotta dream)
35.   Drambuie Pursuit (Takes Place in Scotland.  9 stages of Racing. 1)archery 2)boating 3)Mountain Bike Hill Climb 4)Another Mountain Bike Hill Climb 5) White Water Rafting 6)Mountain Bike Race 7)Race Buggies 8)Canoe Race and  9)City Run
36.   Visit all 50 states (So far:  Michigan, California, Arizona, Colorado, Connecticut, New Jersey, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Maine, Florida, Missouri, Kansas, New Mexico, Texas, Nevada, Illinois, New York, Indiana, Ohio, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Nebraska, Kentucky, Tennessee, Oklahoma, Vermont, Arkansas, Iowa and Pennsylvania.
Can't believe I've never Rafted
37.   Get a 4th Tattoo (Tree with Roots)
38.   Ride a Camel
39.   Ride an Elephant
40.   Attend an Olympic Event
41.   Visit Mount Rushmore
42.   Publish an article in a well-known magazine
43.   Travel through the Chunnel to France
44. Kayaking- X

                          To be continued … Until I get to 100!

Each year, I try to do a few which is super exciting to me.
This year: I hope to visit Mt. Rushmore (also giving me the Dakotas on my visit 50 states goal), publish the novel I just finished (hope), finish my memoir, run a 10K race, run a ½ Marathon and do the Ascent up Pikes Peak, I also plan to do at least 1 more 14er this summer, begin French in Rosetta Stone and plug into playing the guitar more.
Let me hear some or all of yours. Thanks for reading ~ Rebecca
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Yobel Market said...

From one list maker to another, love the bucket list! I have an internal one that just let's me know when it's time to go hard after another dream. That is one of the best feelings! Glad to know another woman who loves so much of life!

Rebecca Dunning said...

we should hike or climb together this summer Sarah. Have you done Beirstadt? that's one my list for the summer and PP.