Thursday, April 21, 2011

Help Save Charles Manly

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Dear Friends:

I am writing this unapologetically desperate (yet full of hope) for one of my best friends here in Colorado, Jen Manly. Her son, Charles is circling the drain emotionally and physically and in need of some serious divine intervention.

Reader’s Digest: Due to the safety of her other children, she and her husband are being required to remove him from their home to get help after they have exhausted ALL of their options and finances in every area to bring him rescue. After nothing short of a miracle Charles has been accepted to a Christian long term home called The Good Shepherd, that uses proven Jesus orientated therapy and bonding with horses to bring healing. Due to it having Christ involved they get no state funding and the cost is $55,000, with $11,000 of that needed up front to get him in.

Jen and her husband are cashing in their 401k, selling furniture (that they use) etc. to save their son and it still just scratches the surface. 
I have been captured by the fact that Jesus went “all in” for me. Not only saved my soul, but brought me into relationship with him when ALL was against me. I am unashamedly asking for everyone I know to consider doing the same. I am crying out to the Father for full restoration!


1) PRAY!
2) Give: The website is:
3) For those in Colorado Springs.  We are holding a garage sale April 22 and 23 (Fri and Sat) from 7am-2pm at 8933 Bellcove Circle, CS, CO 80920.  Please donate items or come on by to shop.  719.287.7074.



Patti Lekas said...
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Tess @ Pro-tography 101 said...

Sorry to hear what your friend is going through. You are a great friend to help!

Sara said...

I'm following you now via blogfrog!!

ArtMuse Dog and Carol said...

Sending prayers and distant reiki healing for this very charming looking young man and his family ~ hugs and namaste, ^_^

Angela said...

I am using this as my bog post today and will link to yours as well. I am also following you now from the Blog Frog link up discussion you started. :) Hoping and praying that this family will have everything they need, and I was praying for the yard sale to be a big success! Thanks, Angela

Rebecca Dunning said...

Thanks so much all.

Angela: This is fantastic thanks!!!!

The yard sale fundraiser pulled in over $1600. So good in fact they are doing it again this Friday and Saturday. Colorado... please donate items this week and/or come shop at 8933 Bellcove Circle 7am to 2pm. Please continue to pray. also check out

Sonja said...

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